Monday, 19 December 2011

Hand and Lock project

Finally blogging about Uni work! Our first brief for the second year was for the Hand and Lock 2012 competition brief. We had a choice of three mini briefs to choose, with the theme of celebration. I chose 'Association D'ermites' which talks of desert hermit, silvery egrets, hyper modern and authentic, metallic, gems, midnight blue, sunset red, bright whites and delicate. I decided on the Circus for my celebration theme, focusing on the glamour of the 30s in depression America. Here are some pages from my sketchbook and my final samples.  I was ill for a big chunk of the project, a lot of late nights catching up, and trying to angle my dripping nose away from the silk fabric! Did I mention I was hooked on all things Twilight?! The soundtrack, the movies, it was a sewing twiathlon on repeat!
Now onto project two....India!!

Love emme lou x

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