Sunday, 18 December 2011

An early Christmas

James and I went away to visit my parents in Vienna last week. I do love that 'going home' now means boarding a plane to Austria! We had a great time although it went very quickly.Vienna as always was beautiful. It smelt amazing too, all the sausage and spices. Their rum hot choc was a definite winner! 
Our 'Christmas day' consisted of a trip to the Schonbrunn Palace Christmas market, a relaxing afternoon at the thermal spa with my mum whilst my Dad and possibly James cooked dinner. We ate, drank, opened presents and watched the saddest film since Marley and me...Hachiko. I was a crying mess. A puppy mummy mess. Thanks to Dad for bringing the festivities to a crying end! 

Here's some highlights of our trip..

 Love emme lou x

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