Thursday, 8 December 2011

Another Birthday Lovely

 The weekend before my Hand and Lock project deadline my sister and her boyfriend came down for her Birthday. They were early...I was un showered with a toilet brush in my hand....and a complete breakdown followed before I even said hello! Mid cry to my sister (post shower) i noticed Monty, on the day bed.. in the sewing room...eating something. Yup you guessed it my first finished sample!!! More tears, yelling and screaming happened and my sister and Jordan went to the pub. 
Take two, I was ready, they were on time and we were all so excited! (even with a slightly puffy face from the crying!) We had a lovely weekend, went to the beach, had dinner and saw Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!!! (I don't need to tell you all how incredible it is!!!) I even walked into the front room to see my sister and her lovely boyfriend sat on the sofa trying to make mini felt beads!! My heart melted and I realised just how lucky I was to have people who loved me even through my crazy! London feels far too far away, and I wish for more weekends like this (except the crying!) 

Love emme lou x

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