Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mission Gouache

I grabbed a lift last week into Falmouth as I needed paints and we went for a bite to eat and a super quick browse. There are some really cute shops in the town but I couldn't get to visit them all. I picked up a really cute 30s mirror, complete with rust and perfect imperfections in a local charity shop. It is really quite heavy and I had to carry it with me on the long walk up to the town campus, through the woods so I could buy my lovely gouaches and sketch books (yet to be used!) We had a lovely little browse in this antique shop and I clocked several future hopeful birthday, anniversary, Christmas and valentines presents!

In order to put up the lovely hallway mirror, which is I believe a necessity to have, ( I mean who wants to leave the house with toothpaste on their cheek!?)  I had to relocate James picture...which he then put back up but is now safely in it's new location. The mirror was feeling pretty lonely so I think a collection of pretty 30s mirrors is needed. Yay! Will share my mirror finding adventures!

Love emme lou x

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