Monday, 2 January 2012

A magical Christmas

On Christmas Day morning James and I took Moo for a walk on Porthcurno beach. We decided not to do big presents and instead I made some stockings, and we brought little gifts to make each other smile. We had a lovely walk, and play with Monty and the beach was pretty sparse. James kept getting funny if someone walked past, but we found a little private patch around the corner from a waterfall, set up the beach blanket and opened our stockings. It was the first year I didn't feel/pre open them. (I'm terribly impatient!) He pre-warned me not to, and I joked sarcastically the night before at the pub that there's probably a ring box in there!
It was lovely having little surprises, and I reached for my last present in the tip of the stocking toe and pulled out a tiny oval present. I opened it to find a beautiful old tin trinket box, and stared at it for a while, wondering if I should open it, or if it was just a pretty little box stocking filler. I opened it...and there was my engagement ring!
I was shocked, repeated are you kidding me over and over, and James got onto his knee and said "Of course it's the right time, It's always been the right time, Will you marry me?" I was speechless and kissed him, and he said "you haven't said yes yet!" So I said "Yes of course I will marry you!" and said Oh my god about a million times, he popped the ring on my finger and I had a grin from ear to ear.
 It was so magical, the perfect proposal. We took it all in, and played with Monty and left to make all our phone calls! Driving through Cornwall isn't the best for signal! As we put the radio on Leona Lewis' a Moment like this was playing, which we laughed so hard too and the perfect sunshine turned to rain as we drove past the most perfect rainbow. It couldn't have been anymore special!

Love emme lou, the Bride to be! x


Mrs Button said...

that's what i call a beautiful ring :) and how wonderful that such a magical moment has been caught on film....something to look back on in years to come...congratulations X

emme lou said...

aww thank you! x

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