Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Meet Monty Moo

This little blog of mine has been quiet lately and not due to the same old reason of design school...we have a puppy! We got him 4 weeks and 4 days ago and he has really thrown anything and everything non puppy related out of the window! 
Here is our little puppy story, it was a toss up between shower or blogging...I miss the blogging, the shower can wait until his next nap! 

Ever since I met James over ten years ago, I knew he wanted a dog. A big, fluffy GERMAN SHEPHERD dog! As I got to know him, became best friends and fell in love with him I knew that if I was going to share my life with him a dog was going to be in it. Over the past 8 years I have accepted this, although I am NOT a dog person, not one little bit. at least I wasn't! When we moved to Cornwall we made some amazing friends who have the craziest gangly dog. I really didn't like him, but he won me over, even with the chewing, the hair, getting me dirty, ruining my tights and trampling mud through my house (after washing the floor!) I have liked beagles, to me if I was going to ever get a dog, that would be what I'd choose. James said we could have one as our second dog. I huffed and protested how hairy and huge GSDs are and he said well we have to move to the countryside first and talked about getting one after we were married and travelled. 
I'm not sure how he managed it but I think it all started with the boys walking Smoo on the beach and seeing a little beagle. James came back all excited about this dog and how I have always said if we wanted a beagle we could get one sooner as they aren't so large etc...That's what I remember. Somehow the browsing of pups for sale turned into me listing who to ring and James making enquiries. We found a few but decided to view a little girl pup in Gloucester. We argued over names, I designed pretty things, and then got a phone call that two of her brothers had become available. We went up that weekend, and spent some time with the puppies. The girl could not have been less interested. The boy was a little timid and the third one...Monty, was ours from the beginning. We held him, and knew he was ours. We watched him play with his brothers and sisters and his mum and gran. The deposit was paid and we were picking him up the following week, at 8 weeks old. 
 We continued our reading, prepared the house, puppy proofed and set up his crate. We drove up early the next week, and picked him up, he napped and played on the long drive back to Cornwall and we were so excited and a little shocked at what we had on the back seat! 
Little Monty Moo has changed our lives, but fits in perfectly. Roxy is a little put out but is getting used to him. My Summer holiday so far has consisted of toilet training, getting up every 3 hours in the night, playing, training, picking up poop and freaking out. 
He is such a great puppy, he sleeps through the night (after a week), sits, stays, leaves and drops, eats a lot, likes to chew and loves his cuddles and crochet blankets. He is now 12 weeks and 6 days old and had his first training class last night, which had me in tears at home, feeling like I was rubbish. James was amazing and told me how great I was doing with him and that I was only advised to not worry so much and to loosen up. The trainer recommended rescue remedy for me....I've been using it for years! He's tucked up fast asleep, and I'm waiting for the whimper to start the routine all over again before the next nap. This little pup has pushed back the thought of having a family without fur quite a few years! 
Meeting Monty for the first time 
Driving at silly O'clock to pick him up!
He is ours
Apologies in advance if you don't like dogs! Or like dogs but get bored of seeing them! The blog may have a few really cute puppy photos coming soon! I will try and keep them to a minimum.

Love emme lou x


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Cool Story Bro

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imagine if everyone blogged about getting a pet the internet would be a very interesting place you write like youve just had a baby

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