Thursday, 13 January 2011

Studio Day turns Labour Day

I haven't been very good on the blogging front lately. But I have something to share! I had a text at 1am on Tuesday morning saying that my dear friend was in labour! I was up till 4.30am with regular updates, packing my bag, watching a bit of TV, until I got the green light to go to the delivery suite at 9am. Of all the days for Choo to go into labour, this was the one that actually fitted into my schedule! I was with her and her dear hubby for 7 of the 16 hours she was in labour and left after 10 hours in the delivery suite.

Alexander Thomson Mitchell was born on 11.01.11 at approx. 4pm weighing 8lb 4oz. I was amazed, awed and blown away by the whole thing. Watching their immense love for each other, watching and helping Choo bring a new life into the world. Nothing can describe it. I was truly honoured and so very proud of them.

 I will be seeing my little Godson this weekend and will take lots of cute photos!

Love emme lou x

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